Cash Buyers Can Stop Foreclosure

In times of financial distress, you will find that you are still being expected to pay the monthly mortgage payment, despite the fact that you most likely have little or no chance of fulfilling these payments. A monthly mortgage payment amount was no doubt agreed upon and signed off at a time when you were definitely working and earning a salary that could easily cover these monthly payments to the bank.

Since the global economic meltdown of 2009, many homeowners across the US have lost their homes through foreclosure proceedings concluding in repossession orders enforced upon them from their banks. It truthfully is a horrible tale and one that is repeated across America every single day still. When the housing market crashed and the economy collapsed, it was like a double smash for millions across the nation.

First, the housing market crashed and any value homeowners had gained in the few short years since taking out their mortgages, were wiped away when property values began to fall. Next, the economy collapsed and corporations in a desperate need to save money began to fire employees and hand out redundancy notices. So, people were not only losing their jobs but were also losing the equity that had been built up in their homes purchased prior to 2009.

Suddenly people were forced to utilize their cash savings to attempt to make ends meet, and all the while the mortgage payment amounts remained exactly the same. Inevitably, lenders were forced to repossess a ton of houses that homeowners could no longer afford to maintain. Lenders do not prefer to take the foreclosure route, which can last years and be expensive, as they would prefer to find a quick solution that benefits you and them quickly. At Queens County Estates, we can stop foreclosure by buying your home or apartment for cash and having the money inside your bank account within 14 days, and often less.

Once these funds are safely stored away in your bank account, you can give the lender the outstanding amount and avoid the entire negative financial consequences and life problems that foreclosure will inevitably bring upon you. The benefits of stopping foreclosure is that you will not have to destroy your credit score (this may be important next time you want to buy a new home at a later date), and you will not have to confront the psychological damage and depression that foreclosure can create.

Queens County Estates can stop foreclosure by arranging to buy your house and guiding you through all the precise details of how you can financially settle with your bank and make everybody happy.

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